SGA Open House – May 22
May 21, 2017

SGA Announces Student Activity Meeting 

For our final Open House of the Spring, St. George Academy is announcing a very special event. One of the unique features of St. George Academy is our willingness to let the students organize themselves with regards to clubs and extracurricular activities.  We believe that we are now in a position to get this started.  We are asking all St. George Academy students to come and meet with each other, faculty, and administration to discuss which clubs, organizations and activities that they would like to see implemented during this inaugural year.  
This will be a very informal get-together to give our students the opportunity to present their interests and take the first steps towards becoming the Student Body of St. George Academy.  We need to hear from them so please allow them to come and hang out with their peers and help build The Academy into the experience that they want.  In addition,  we would urge all of those attending to bring their friends who are undecided about attending The Academy to come and check us out. 
Monday,  May 22 
St. George Academy
380 E 3090 S 
Washington, UT

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