Our Approach

St. George Academy has a deliberate approach to educating high school students.  It includes active learning that is inclusive, engaging, and student driven.  Deep learning involves probing questions and understanding the “why”.  Real college preparation involves providing an education that readies students for the rest of their lives, not just senior graduation.

Active Learning


All students are invited to challenge themselves to a higher standard of learning and civic engagement.  SGA strives to create a safe, welcome, valued environment for its students.  The academic experience and the facility were designed to engage our students and to integrate their interests with educational opportunities.   


Small classes ensure that every student will receive faculty mentorship and opportunities to pursue individualized educational experiences.  Every student will have a Student Education Plan (SEP) collaboratively developed with input from student, faculty, and parents.  With a focus on their long-term goals, students can develop the abilities required for self-advocacy and success. 


Our student union ensures that every student can become involved in shaping the culture of SGA. Individual clubs and extracurricular activities will be based on student initiative and self-organization.  Under the guidance of faculty, students learn project management skills they can apply in the real world.   

Deep Learning

St. George Academy understands that today’s students are global citizens.  We will provide our students the opportunity to dig deeper and to probe more so they understand why, not just how.  Innovative teaching techniques, such as flipped lectures and collaborative teaching combined with digital media and communication technologies help students remember what they learn.  This individualized approach develops student communication and critical thinking skills as students engage in the classroom.


Real College Preparatory

St. George Academy will comprehensively prepare students for a demanding college experience by offering an academically rigorous high school education. With a focus on learning as a lifetime endeavor, we hope to inspire interest in education as a passion, as opposed to a destination.  We will challenge our students to pursue their academic and life goals. St. George Academy understands that preparing a student for college requires more than academic preparation.  It requires getting ready to begin the rest of their life.