St. George Academy math placement tests are available online for any student who wishes to advance into a math class above the state suggested grade  level.

The state core requires the following:

8th Grade- Mathematics 8
9th Grade- Secondary Mathematics 1
10th Grade- Secondary Mathematics 2
11th Grade- Secondary Mathematics 3
12th Grade- AP Calculus*
*Any student wanting to take AP calculus must have taken Secondary Math 3 or Precalculus and passed with a C- or better.
Any incoming 8th or 9th grade students wanting to move into Secondary Math 1 or 2 need to take the Secondary Math 1 or 2 Test.
SGA Math Placement Test (pdf) 
Incoming 10th grade students will need to take the Secondary Mathematics 3 Test
MathIII Placement Exam (pdf)
Students can print off and complete the test at their own pace.  Please try to have this completed as soon as possible so that we can ensure proper course registration.  Students must complete the exams without any assistance.  This needs to be a clear and accurate assessment of the student’s ability.  All tests can be submitted either to the front office, or by email to Amanda Gerry for placement.
If you have any questions regarding either test, please contact Amanda Gerry at